The Smart Home Garden.


Our entire process is designed for you to have a customized home garden based on your needs. The Taiga Tower mobile app provides simple step-by-step instructions for the entire process:

- Build your ideal Tower from one, two or three layers of Pods

- Choose your favorite greens from our catalogue on the mobile app

- Plant your greens with guided seeding instructions

2 Tower Image.24.png


Interact directly with your plants:

Manual and Automatic gardening modes

Scalability - three, six, or nine pot capacity

Removable Taiga pods

Indoor and outdoor capabilities

360° free rotation



Hand-pick your vegetables from the Tower! Bring your removable Pods to the kitchen for a  tasteful accent piece and share your success with others in the Taiga Community. With a steady supply of homegrown produce, you will always feel fresh!

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