The Smart Home Garden.

Tomatoes, Strawberries Or Salad Mix, We've Got You Covered. 

The Taiga Seeds let you browse from over 30 varieties without having to worry about planting them yourself. You’ll find a comprehensive variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers. When you've found your starter plants, just scan the QR code from the app, place it in a Pod and watch it grow. 


Growing Cleaner.

Not only are our Taiga Seeds designed with organic coir, we also designed the Seeds are packaged in recyclable plastics to reduce our carbon footprint and the toxic emissions that we put out into the world.

Best Variety.

With over 30 varieties ranging from herbs to leafy greens, there is a Seed for everyone. With our auto-delivery, you can set your schedule, save on pods and make sure you never run out.

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