The Smart Home Garden.

A Garden that thinks & Grows.
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Make life easier.

Not everyone is blessed with a perfect schedule. We understand that you can't water your plants everyday.  That's why we're doing it for you.

Each Pod senses the soil conditions and notifies the Tower for sustenance. With automatic watering, all of your plants receive the perfect level of moisture, specific to their plant type. And we'll notify you every week to refill the water base.



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Taiga App

Monitor Growth.

Mobile AppIndicates moisture level of Pod, contributes to overall health.Intensity of Grow Lights, varies based on plant type.Time to harvest and growth progress.


Stunning Color, flawless efficiency.


The Taiga Tower uses a simple white light that replicates the sun's natural color as well as provides the essential Blue/Red ratios to promote proper plant growth. And with full automation, the Tower independently adjusts lights to the ambient environment. So you can sit back while your Tower takes care of all your plants.

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Natural Spectrum

With a spectrum designed for full-cycle indoor gardening, we make sure that all your plants have enough light to sustain a high photosynthetic rate during the later phases of plant growth.

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At-Home Integration

All lights are tailored to follow the endogenous light cycle of the sun. Which means that the lights are brightest during the day and taper off at night. 

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Incredible Power

With a maximum PPFD of 800 umol/s/m2 at any one Pod, your Tower can optimize growth for a large variety of plants. 

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Plant Specific Care

Herbs, vegetables, leafy greens, etc. all characterized for the optimal light for their plant species and current stage in growth.