The Smart Home Garden.
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we make Gardening Simpler.

Our dream has always been to furnish a device that automates home gardening. One so simple that it can be setup without touching any soil or seed. And so smart that it can automatically water and light your plants, specific to what you grow. With the Taiga Tower, we bring this experience to you. 


optimized growth. minimized effort.

With patented PlantID™ Technology, you simply choose the plants - the Taiga Tower does the rest.


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Taiga Seed

30+ Varieties. Vegetables, herbs, leafy greens and more. Handpick your seeds, scan from the app, and place in a pod - it's that easy.

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Taiga Tower

Grow your plants like an expert with PlantID™ Technology.

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Taiga Pod

Bring your plants with you in the removable Taiga Pods. 

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Taiga App

Track your plant's health from anywhere.

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Taiga Seeds.


Made with imported Coir from Sri Lanka, the soil-free Seeds expand to fit the Taiga Pods with automatic hydration. And with over 30 available varieties - including herbs, leafy greens and small fruiting vegetables, you can grow the foods you love stress free.

    30+ Varieties
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Mobile Control.


The Taiga App makes it easier than ever before to monitor your plants health. With Seed Setup, you simply scan the QR code from your phone and the custom plant settings will automatically sync with the Taiga Tower. When you check on your plants, receive updates on time to harvest, moisture levels, and more - all from your phone.

    Seed Setup
    Plant Health



Introducing PlantID™


No matter the plant, the Taiga Tower can grow it - and then some. 

Because every plant possesses a distinct set of needs, using PlantID™, the tower provides plant-specific feeding & monitoring to guarantee that your plants are of the highest standard. Our Taiga plant database is scientifically tested with years of growing experience.

    Plant-Specific Watering
     Plant-Specific Light
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